Debbie, Ellie and I have embarked on a bit of a family adventure. We left the comfort of our UK home in late October 2018. We’re currently touring in Australia.

We’ve spent time in Melbourne and up on the Tropical Queensland Coast, travelling south between Cairns and Brisbane, with plans to visit Sydney, Perth, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand – although not necessarily in that order – and as many places in between as we can accommodate.

We complete this Asia-Pacific leg of our adventure in January and then plan to spend several months seeing some of what Europe has to offer, travelling in the campervan I have created.

Ellie, it turns out, is a good traveller and excellent travelling companion. She has adapted well to life on the road while being home-schooled.

We have no defined objectives or firm plans and are open to opportunities as they occur. We are interesting to see where the road leads us and where we might end up.


Our best wishes extend to our family and friends back home, those friends we have had the privilege to have met and made on our travels and those we have yet to meet.